The PA Wall of Fame located in our Caregiver Training Lab is dedicated to our caregivers.  It contains numerous testimonials from clients and commemorates our caregivers’ outstanding performances and dedication to helping others.  

“The communication is the biggest factor! I appreciate the communication. Guidance Home Care doesn’t just send anybody out if the caregiver can’t make it.  They find the right person.”

– T.R.

“When we hired Guidance Home Care we told them we wanted a caregiver who would be a friend rather than a caregiver and they found us someone perfect!”

 – D.H.

“Guidance Home Care has good caregivers for a good price. The caregivers that we didn’t like were replaced upon request. They work with clients to try and get the ideal caregiver for them.”

– E.J.

“I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate everything about Guidance Home Care! Their staff who answer the phone are ALWAYS friendly and knowledgeable, even the off-hours staff. I cannot believe how prompt and responsive everyone is whenever I have a question or need a change of schedule! The nursing staff is so friendly, thorough and professional, and Yvette has been a great caregiver for my Grandpa (who isn’t the easiest person in the world to get along with). Other institutions and agencies we’ve used for caregiving services sometimes make it seem like rocket science. We’ve had to communicate new information multiple times, and put everything in writing, and still we cross our fingers and hope our requests are honored. I understand that caregiving is a difficult job, and that dealing with so many clients, regulations, and subsidizing agencies complicates the task of administration, yet Guidance Home Care is a great example of an agency that’s apparently got it down to a science that really works! I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate it!”

– N.L.

“Guidance Home Care has been very good. Every time I bring something up, they get right back to me. They are very good about trying to understand the situation.”

– F.J.

“My father is in his late 80’s and has terminal cancer.  The Care Manager from Guidance Home Care met with our family, assessed my father’s needs and developed a comprehensive care plan.  Within a few days they were able to provide a great team of caregivers.  Having prior knowledge of Guidance, I have referred them to other friends and family members in need of in-home caregiving services.  Each of them have commented on how satisfied they were with Guidance.  They provide caregivers who are very conscientious and caring.  They are providing daytime and nighttime care for my father.  Six weeks ago, the doctors felt that my father had just a few weeks to live.  He is still doing relatively well, mostly due to the great care he is getting from his caregivers, who attentively tend to his needs.  He really likes his caregivers and appreciates everything they are doing for him.”

– Tom C.
President and Owner of a consulting company
Los Altos, CA

“The caregivers show compassion by being very patient with my mother. My mother has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember anything. It’s helpful that the caregivers are so patient.”

– B.K.

“I just want to tell you how grateful I am that Guidance Home Care sent Priscilla to my home as a caregiver for me.  She is wonderful, and I couldn’t ask for a nicer person to spend the day with.  She is a self-starter, kind, quick to get her work done, and she is always there when I need her.  She knows how I like things to be in the house, and I never have to tell her twice.  Priscilla is happy and positive from the time she walks in the door in the morning, until she leaves at the end of her day.  She makes no demands, and accepts whatever our schedule is for the day.

I have made a great deal of progress since Priscilla came to help me.  As I look back on where I was when she started and where I am today, my progress has been all positive and moving forward with no slips backwards.  Guidance Home Care can be very proud to have her as an employee.”

– Carol B.
Teacher, Retired
Los Gatos, CA